A glimpse of The Holy City

Where: Vatican City

Flight: The nearest airport: Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport (FCO) (around €130/person from Stockholm, round trip)

Accommodation: you can find hotels from €30/person/night on Booking

Activities: sightseeing

To visit: St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square, Vatican Museums, Scavi

Things to have: proper clothing

Tips: you cannot visit the Sistine Chapel on its own. The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and as such, can only be entered through the Vatican Museums. Clothing: Remove hats indoors, shoulders must be covered. No sleeveless tops or halters. A scarf/pashmina is acceptable as a cover up, knees must be covered. No cut-offs or short skirts. No shorts, either.

Seeing the Pope: On Sundays (12 noon) he appears in his apartment window on St. Peter’s Square and speaks for around 15-20 minutes

Budget per person: €250+


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